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Output Rates

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Toby Hunt
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Dear All

I am trying to obtain details of outputs for works in Saudi Arabia (which can be used to prepare and substantiate the project programme) for the following activities:

Piling (each)
Concrete (m3)
Heavy Structural Steel (Tn)
Light Structural Steel (Tn)
Prefab Piping >2” (pulgadas soldadura)
Erection Piping >2” (Tn)
Erection Piping <2” (Tn)
Prefab Large Bore Hangers >2” (Tn)
Erection Large Bore Hangers >2” (Tn)
Cable Laying (ml)
Hydrotesting (Num de Circuitos)
Loop Tests
Insulation – Tanks (m2)
Insulation – Equipment (m2)
Insulation – Piping (ml)

I realise that the list is fairly generic (what sort of piles ? what sort of insulation ?), but does anyone know where I can perhaps find a range of items within the generic description?

Many thanks