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Looking for excel template

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Charles Gibbons
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Just started out on my own and need to produce a programme that will be presented well

Usually use ASTA but only software I currently have is excel

Can anyone help



Gary Whitehead
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I agree with Mike -I have seen excel wizzes in the past use lots of complex macros and formulae to approximate planning software, but it always looks like what it is: something cobbled together, not robust, and not very professional.

If you need it to be presented well, the only thing you should be using Excel for is for generating graphs & curves, not generating the schedule.

If you’re just starting out and can’t afford a lisence of your own just yet, many software companies will let you download a free trial version for a month or so which, though limited in many ways, will definitely be a whole lot better than excel.

Mike Testro
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Hi Charles

Having been a PP member for 4 years welcome to your 1st thread.

I regret to say that Excell is not recognised planning software.

Asta is one of the best but you will need to invest in a proper licence.

Best regards

Mike Testro