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Schedule templates

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Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can find some project management schedule templates?


Bernard Ertl
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We have just released a new estimating tool for dynamic scope generation. While our initial product release has estimating modules targeting maintenance and construction activities for continuous process plants (refineries, petrochemical plants, etc.), the system is adaptable to other industries.

We have a "white paper" on the differences between using templates versus our system.

Bernard Ertl
InterPlan Systems Inc.
Mark Lomas
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Are you after layout / formatting tips or Work Breakdown ?

If it is layout / formatting tips then by all means use a previous example. If it is Work Breakdown and it is your company’s first IT project, then start from scratch. Don’t copy something that doesn’t fit your needs.

If it is not your company’s first IT project, refine and improve from previous software rollouts making sure to apply those lessons learned.
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I have a software implementation project I am responsible for. I need to do a schedule, and I was wondering if there were any website that already offer some MS project schedule templates for software implementation project, so that I do not have to start from scratch.
Ali Hamouda
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I think MR.Henry quesition Mean Examples for Projects,,or he mean a Wizard(such as in Ms-Office programes) which can help create diifferent types projects .

i.e guides & troubleshooting for creating the project.

It is good Idea if we have a program to help in creating the projects very fast.

Thanks Henry for your Issue.

Mike Harvey
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Dear Henri Your question is not clear, please redefine. Regards Mike Harvey