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Sample WBS for Hydro-electic power plant

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Juan Leonardo
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Dear All,

Needing your help if you can share with me a sample WBS for Hydro-Electric power plant.

Kindly email it to ............

Thank you all and more power!

juan leonardo


Andrew Ochei
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Dear All,

Needing your help if you can share with me a sample WBS for gas plant shutdown operation

Kindly email it to me on

Thank you all 

asd salim
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thanks alot for tht information

Rajesh Virle
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I need WBS for Township Project. Kindly email me on


Rajesh Virle.


Scarllet Pimpernel
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Dear Juan,

It seems your email was deleted.

Please email me at

I may be able to be of help to your query.

On the other hand, there are lot of types of Hydro-electric power plant. There is one type that you will dam a portion of a river and then upon completion of the dam you will flood the surronding area to be able to get the head, water level.

there are other instances that adjacent to the river a tunnel is constructed say, 80 meters below the river bed and then a shft is constructed to diver a portion of the river to the tunnel. Under the tunnel you will have your turbine and generators.

In Philippines, there was a huge Hydrolelectric project done sometimes in the 80’s wherein the Agus river in Lanao, from Marawi City to Iligan City was utilize by creating 7 dams from Lake Lanao to Iligan City bay.

There are lots of types of Hydroelectric Power Stations.

Thank you,
Mike Testro
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Hi All

Any replies to this thread please respond to Juan through the private message link.

Best regards

Mike Testro.