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MSC /Higher Degree in Project Planning

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Nadeem Akram
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Dear Friends,

I am working as Senior Engineer in Building Department in United Kingdom.
I asked my director , want to become a planner ,he is kind enough to give me oppertunity to become a planner.
Hopefully i will be assisting a Senior Planner asta power project planner for a few weeks.

I have got 18 year Civil Engineering Experience and I did 40 day course in Primavera Project Planning.
Can any friend please guide me Is any Institution /College/University offer part time MSC- OR BSc Degree in Project Planning . I have Done BSc Civil Engineering and I want to do MSc in Project Planning.Improve my planning education.
Can any one please guide me where I can do in UK?
mY e-mail is please reply me asap.

Kind Regards

Nadeem Akram
United Kingdom


Shahzad Sikandar
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in my opinion,,

if you have got 18 years of civil engineering experience, you dont need any MSc or BSc degree in planning (non exist as well), as you have already been on course for Primavera (40 days is more than enough),,,if you meant to type 40 or 4 i dont know,,,

all you need to do is learn basic principle about scheduling and planning (search for material on internet), and hands on experience on Primavera,,and i know u can be a good planner with you extensive knowledge.

good luck.