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Planner Vs Scheduler

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Asif Anwar
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Can anyone tell what is the difference between a planner and a scheduler? On a construction project, what background they should have?

Is every planner a good scheduler, or every scheduler a good planner? I think only those people can answer this who really know the difference between a planner and a scheduler.

Can anyone throw light on above.



Rafael Davila
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I believe anyone messing with the schedule, weather the Planner or Scheduler, must have an in depth knowledge of the job and how it is to be managed. CPM schedules are tricky as the relationships are.
In the jobs I have worked, invariably the estimator has been the first to take a deep look at the job. In order to estimate a job, a good estimator takes into account the construction means and methods. The estimator must be among the first listed members of the planning team. It is a team work, everybody complements each other, do not substitute each other, you must include key members of the management team early on in order to get commitment to the schedule.
Believe me there is no better tool for managing than "Brainstorming".
Asif Anwar
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Let it be more specific.

In british construction industry, planner is the one, who will be the first to read the drawings, defines the programme with the duration and resources, works on the logistics of construction site, prepares the method statements of all the phases of construction whether it be a building, civil or engineering project and clearly understand on how the project will be executed from start till end. Whether it be a tender stage or construction stage.

The role of planner is quite complex. In my opinion he must have a solid engineering background, only then he can read the drawings properly and can advise on any special construction method statements. I have seen planners who lack this, and consider the computer programming to be the project planning.

The scheduler or programmer needs not to be from an engineering background. He should be good in computer softwares, or to some extent on the resources required to complete the job.

Can anyone put more light on above.

Luca Basile
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In American companies the difference between planner and scheduler is still well defined.
The planner is defining the main logic, phasing, milestone between the parties involved in the project (he is looking at the big picture). May produce high level schedule as well as PDM.
The schedule take over the work done by the planner and developed a detailed schedule.
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Make it more complex, Planner Vs Scheduler Vs Programme Engineer/Programming Engineer