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What Is a "ShutDown PLANNER"

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Ali Hamouda
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What Is a ShutDown Planner & what is the Job description of a ShutDown Planner and the Area of Concern?

If some one Can tell us about Differnt Type of PLANNERS..Would be appreciated.

In advance thanks.

Ali Hamouda


Zq qz
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Agree with you guys, that what we’re doing here in KSA
Alex Wong
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A shutdown planner require a very different skill set where they have to breakdown the activity into very detail to ensure the shutdown is execute according to plan and reschedule the plan if any unforesee events happened. As a project planner usually the analysis is execute monthly. However, as the shutdown happen only within a few weeks time, the analysis need to be execute daily. And monitoring of progress may be require each shift of work. That’s the different between a normal project planner and a shutdown planner. And most of the time a shutdown period is fix. And that’s why time is so critical, whereas a project may have EOT.
Luca Basile
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As pointed out by Bernard, the Shut down planner is planning the daily plant maintenance, that can include a partial shut down of some packages.
The shut down planner is also involved int the periodical plant shutdown maintenance, that involve all the plant.
This last one is one or two weeks activity and monitored on daily bases, sometimes also more times day.
As per its short duration and keeping the plant not working (no profit) the criticallity have to been identified and solved before they can come out.
You must have a good knowledge of the plants it self, with all the procedure associated with each equipment and the overall plant working.
As You have to know the operational sequences for shutting down and starting up. Then where to operate for Your maintenece is something that have to be discussed with the plant mangare and the technical staff, but is coming out also from the work done or not during the daily maintenance.

We could go on lonmger, but I think I already confused the idea too much for this time.

Is not difficult but if You come from a process engineering experience may be can be more easy as You are familiar with a lot of standard procedures.
Bernard Ertl
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In the refining and petrochem industries, a shutdown planner is responsible for planning (& scheduling usually) large maintenance projects called shutdowns/turnarounds/outages. Is this what you are referring to?

In large plants, the shutdown planner is not responsible for daily maintenance or engineering/capital projects.

Bernard Ertl
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