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Planner’s Responsibility ?!

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Mary JoAnn
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I have a question regarding the Job description of a Planning Engineer. This is based on a recent experience at one of the sites of our company.

The Site Manager apparently asked the Planning Engineer (only one at site) to go to the site everyday & take Video clippings of the site works. The Planning Engineer is already taking Site photos every week & apparently does not have time to go out to site daily (due to other works) to take video clippings himself. Moreover he does not consider this work to be his responsibility & is ready to quit if pressed further.

Have any of you experienced similar situation before ? What is the limit of a planner’s responsibility ?



Waseem Saber
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hi all

We can be in agreement with Gee Cee and all the guys who support the logic of taking the progress photos/clips and i am really concerned with the way Mary is trying to avoid this requirement as we found that taking pic/clips as a monitoring job which is usually done on weekly basis but no harm in doing on daily basis or on some particular events thats happening on sites, i see no reason to back out from this responcibilty and as a matter of fact it helps in updating yourself on daily basis. on the contrary it is not advisible to allow anyother personel to do this requirement as his perspective may not be in line with the planners, thus creating the conflicting views.

In the end it is the relationship with the site team which matters most and to keep the site atmosphere healthy it should not be a problem to take this additional job without any problems,as it is a matter of organisizing oneself to carryout such requirement and it can be done first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.

hope it helps and all the planners thinking in the same wavelenght agree with me

Vamsi Kolliboina
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Hi Mary,

Infact,we are using Video clippings to study/demonstrate the actual cycle times of plant & equipment vs the planned ones,apart from recording progress.

It all depends how you look at the job.

Sunil Kumar
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Cant these (PICS AND VIDEO CLIPS ) all help in the event of an EOT claim which will make the planners life easier on a later date...


Chris Oggham
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Hi Mary,

Bill’s advice is spot on. The planning engineer has either got to do it, or prove to the site manager why it can’t be done. If the site manager has got it fixed in his head that this should be done by the planning engineer and the planning engineer hasn’t got time, then paid overtime or an assistant looks to be the only solution.

Chris Oggham
Bill Guthrie
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Hi Mary, yes, have often been requested to do this when in the field on a project.

Reason,Site managers sometimes think the planning engineer has nothing to do and is a adm type, not a rugged boots and hard hat type. This misconception is really a carry over from the old days, when we did not have computers. Then we spent most time on site looking at the progress, then coming back and loading it or giving to draftsman to load. As we were there anyhow, might as well take pics.

As it stands today, who else is there to take pics? cost enginee? Office manager?
bottom line, if the man is your boss, and this is what he wants to do for part of your job contribution, recommend do it. If your workload is so great as not to allow time, then request paid overtime to take the pics or ask him for a planning assistant as your time does not allow for it.

cheers bill