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Primavera Expedition V8.5i

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Anil Gupta
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Dear All
Would any one please let me know what is Sentinel server error.It occurs while running the primavera expedition exe file.Even though i attached the Dongle key.Its giving the same message.


Zubaer Shariff
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Mr. Jihad,
I did not come accross any contract contro lsoftware yet. But I have another problem in expedition. I reintalled after a long period. Now it is asking for a password. I have misplaced the username and password. Do you know what is the default username and password after installing?
Jihad Daniel
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Dear All,

Please give me a list of softwares’ names similar to Primavera Expedition.

Thanks & Regards,
Bernard Ertl
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You should probably contact Primavera for tech/customer support.

I’d guess that you have/need a license server application (Sentinel server) on your network server which your workstation (with the dongle) is trying to communicate. There could be any number of reasons that the communication is failing. It would be best to get their tech support to diagnose the problem and solution IMO.

Bernard Ertl
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