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Link between P3 and Autocad

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Dayanidhi Dhandapany
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Dear Planners,

I would be grateful to you, if you could guide me on how to establish a link between P3 schedule dates to Autocad layout in order to show ES and EF dates for each I-Beam placement in the Autocad layout. So that i could avoid of manualy updating scheduled dates for the I-Beam Layout in Autocad if there is any changes in P3 schedule.



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As far as I know, it only work on AutoCAD latest version.

Predefine all text boxes which hold date value. One text box for each. Build a link table, Activity ID against text box name, 1 to 1. run a AutoCAD macro, fill the text box value by the linked ACT IDs date.
Morteza Jafari
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I heard there is possible to make a Link between P3 and cad, my friend worked in engineering company and he had made a soulation for it if I will find and ask him.
Mehdi Rashidi Ala...
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Dear Dhandapany,
I think autocad soft is not stable for your issues.
You must use the macro in Excel soft. because excel has a dynamic link with P3.