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PSP Practice questions

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haytham saad
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Hi All

I am currently studing for PSP exam but i cant find alot of Practice question for the exam and also Practice for the Memo question if any one can send a link or upload any previous data for question it would be very appreciated .


Haytham saad


Zoltan Palffy
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Well Said Santosh if you know the concepts and understand Planning and Scheduling you should be able to answer any of the questions. It's not a matter of studying answers for specific questions. 

here are a few

1. Do you know how to perform a forward and backward pass ? can you do one manually  ?

2. Whats is float ? 

3. How are float values calculated ?

4. What is free float  ?

so the answer to questions 2 thru 4 can all be derived by knowing HOW to do question #1. 

Santosh Bhat
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Have you bought the AACE PSP study guide - there are some sample questions in there.

The certification isn't one about memorising any certain guide or text, but about demonstrating an understanding and capabilities in the practice of Planning and Scheduling.