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PMI-SP Study Material, Sample Questions?

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Carlos Nazario
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Hello -

I am in the process of reviewing to take the PMI-SP test. Right now I am using the following:

* PMI-SP Handbook
* PMI-SP Examination Specification
* A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R)Guide) - Third Edition

Is anyone aware of additional material available (either free or at a cost) issued by people other than PMI?



Patrick Weaver
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Ali Osama
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this pmi-sp material free download

PMI-SP Study MaterialPMI-SP Study MaterialPMI-SP Study Material

Kylie Horgan
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Hi Carlos

I see this is quite an old post but I'm wondering if you have sat for the PMI-SP Certification yet?

I'm after some information on a study plan for it:

My investigations have shown the current books to study include:
PMBOK Guide 4th edn, specifically Chapter 6 - Project Time Management.
PMI-SP Exam Specification.
Practice Standard for Scheduling.
NOTE: the Practice Standard for Scheduling talks about also knowing the 2 standards below:
Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures,
Practice Standard for Earned Value Management.

You can purchase a PMI-SP Study preparation guide via a company called uCertify ( - I don't know how useful it is yet as I haven't sat the exam.

People studying for the PMP seem to have ample study guides available to them - just google it and you'll see what I mean. However, those of us studying for the PMI-SP have nothing available to assist us.

If you look at the current PMI Library of Global Standards you will see another 2 publications:
Practice Standard for Project Configuration Management, and
Practice Standard for Project Estimating.

Should we also study these publications for the exam? Where do we draw the line at what books to study?

Is there anyone who has the certification that could provide some advice for those of us currently studying for it?

Thanks in advance for any assistance given.

Juan L. Ramos L.
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on the web you can find many books ... visit



Juan Luis

Samer Zawaydeh
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Dear Carlos,

Yes on Amazon you should be able to find a book for 200$ last time I checked few months ago. Maybe they have new books as well.

I recommend that you visit linkedin and search for groups their as well. There are 3 networks with about 150 people. Join the networks and connect with the people who are taking the exam or who already took the exam.

I did a quick check, there are 414 people on linkedin with PMI-SP certification. You can search for them and ask them directly how they passed the exam.

Good luck.

With kind regards,