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Planning Skills Recognition

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David Craig
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Hi Everyone,


I was wondering if there is any reason Planners as a whole arent on the Australian Skilled Occupation List? I cant find anything that would relate to planning on the skills list.

I have been considering migrating to Australia for a while now but if i was to do it, i would have to go through my base qualifications (Electrician) which I would prefer not to.

There seems to be every other construction discipline on the list inc QS's, Project Managers, Engineering Managers, Structural Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Draftsmen, Welders, Fitters, Electricians etc but nothing for Planners!

Has anybody ever faced this problem and do they know how to overcome it?

Any help will be extremely appreciated.

Kind Regards,



Rafael Davila
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I would start looking on the above and would continue looking as I agree with you, it shall define what you will be doing otherwise if it does not matches it might create problems latter on.

Good luck.