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Oracle P6 Exam certification

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Haresh Jayanth
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Dear All,

Oracle is giving a exam to be a certified trainer for P6. The name of the exam is "Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Certified Implementation Specialist (1Z1_535)".

But the examination details are not listed in the website. Most of the info about the exam is given as TBD i.e. To be decided. The exam fees is $195.

Can anybody give any idea about the following as given below

1) Whether the questions will be multiple choice questions.
2) How much will be duration.
3) I have basis knowledge of P6 Standalone version. Did the questions for exam will be coming for other primavera product like primavera web access, SDK etc.

Can anybody answer detail to my query?




Raj Naveen Kumaresan
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Can someone share Success Stories from someone who has actually cleared the Oracle Certification?


Would be motivating for most of us to pursue the certification...

Samba Siva Rao
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Dear All,

Oracle is offering a unique certification "Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Implementation Specialist "1Z0_535" but not "1Z1_535" and the cost of this exam will be $195.


Here 1Z0_535 is online & immediate result will be available and the later one is beta exam ( paper based exam and the result will be expected within 4-6 weeks range).


Now the FAQ on this certification below.


1) Whether the questions will be multiple choice questions- Yes questions will be multiple choice questions only.

2) How much will be duration- 105 minutes for 70 questions and atleast 10-15 questions will not be counted as apart of scoring. Those will be based on random.

3) The requirements for this exam will be- Primavera P6 Rel 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2-Client (and stand alone), Web and all other tasks related to portfolio/program management. Without that we won't be able to answer the questions. Stand alone or P6.2 or P6.7 will not be sufficient to complete this certification. Infact the name P6 EPPM it self suggests that you need to have a good understanding of all the latest versions, Program/Portfolio management, capacity planning, dashboards, risk analysis, project rating methods like water line analysis, complete client and web administartion etc.


4) This certification required for the candidates from Orcale Partner network (OPN) companies who are involved/involving in Primavera P6 Rel 8.0-8.2 Implementation. If you wnat to give this certification your company must have the OPN number and then & then only you are eligible to give this exam through Pearson VUE. No other way you can give exam other than through Pearson VUE along with OPN number. If suppose you have completed the certificationa and you have left the company and joined another OPN company, then you can use this same certification which you got from old compnay (with their OPN) in the new company.On the certificate there won't be any OPN number of your previous/current company, so no need to worry but just like if you want to give this exam you need to have OPN. That's it and lastly there is no specific period of expiration for this certification, it is for life long, one time.

Please let me know if you have any more concerns on this.



Samba Siva Rao.P, M.B.A, Oracle Primavera EPPM Implmnt Specialist


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is this Implimentation Exam ment for anybody or for Oracle partners.

If its for all how can one write or register for the exam from his location,I.E Nigeria.




Ruel Camaquin
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So, if i do not know the other primavera software, then i cannot take the exam, is that it?



Abdelsalam Eljaroshi
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Dear Mr Jayanth,


- As for the duration of the exam, it will be 90min for 49 questions, you can find those details on their website, follow this link:


- If you want to take the exam, you should at least take some of their recommended training, of which I personally provide in Libya according to Oracle University training content:


Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Implementation Specialist guided learning path
Additional training opportunities for Oracle Partners
Project Management in Primavera P6 Rel. 6.2 (Primavera)
Advanced Project Management in Primavera P6 Rel 6.2 (Primavera)
Project Management in Primavera P6 Web Access Rel. 6.2 (Primavera)
Portfolio Management in Primavera P6 Web Access Rel 6 (Primavera)
Administration in Primavera P6 and P6 Web Access Rel. 6.2 (Primavera)
Resource Management in Primavera P6 Rel 6.2 (Primavera)
Resource Management in Primavera P6 Web Access Rel. 6.2 (Primavera)


- The exam is for Primavera P6 Project management, and it is focused on the software, and its uses and implementation in project and program management.


For more info please visit: or email: