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Difference between Physical, Duration and Units % complete

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aqil mahmood
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Dear Friends

Could any body explain me what is difference between Physical , duration and Units % completes. Their usage , importance

and significance.



Many Thanks in Advance



Rockzy Sales
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Physical % - Based on quantities (denominator Budget Quantities)

Duration % - Based on number of days or hours (denominator Original Duration)

Units % - Based on Mandays/Manhours (denominator Budget Mandays/Manhours)


now for their usage and importance..what I wrote above pretty much explain it for me, with a bit of imagination on how I can use or how important each to me... but that's me.. :-) I may not be able put the right words of what I have in mind that would suffice you.. but you may try the search feature here in PP, there were discussions regarding these matter already..



the Rock

Michaelangello Ga...
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Daer: all Planner

Good Days i am new planner and i whan to know the right way to make a Schedule and what is the 1st thing should i do


Thank you.

ashraf alawady
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Dear all,

physical % is the percentage of the actual works done on site compaired with the plaed quantities .

the duration is the percentage of the time elappsed compared with the total duration of the project

Gautam Kumtakar
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Agreed to the point, but how does the progress be recorded in P6 as you have the total scope of the work eg. 1000MT of work to be competed in 10 days. Does p6 calculate the actuals with inputs being provided? I want to know more about it.

dilip kumkar
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In infrastructure developement project number of activity involves such as civiil work physical measurement in Cubic Meter where as Mechanical Work measure in MT or Nos.This different quantity convert into weighted percentage to monitor & represent your project task/completion of work only possible when they come under one units.