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karimuddin shaik
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Please give me details importance and limitation of S-curve. send me queries on same also.


Jerry Fernandez
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Dear Guys,

How to show S-curve in p6?

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HI Dagogo,

could you please send me the detail at

dagogo dan - jumbo
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Note that your objective during Project execution would be to monitor and control how your project is moving. The trend is visible with S-Curves. You will also agree with me that the what you can’t measure you also can not control. S-curve makes you able to measure what you planned against what you have earned and excess what it is costing you(1. Planned, 2.Earned 3. Actual).You can also forecast.
Measurement of realistic progress and control using S-curves is limited 1) Cost values 2)labour hours 3)Activity weighted values. Activity count is misleading from experience.
I hope this would help.

Mohammed Azharuddin
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Assign the resources, and use the activity usage profile. You can generate the required S curves.