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March Chart

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Renz .L.
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Please do anybody know what a March Chart is? and the Program used in preparing it and how it is being done?


Abhijit Kale
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hey renz.

Why u r putting the same post in all the threads.

Andrew Dick
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Firstly, when you place a post here you should not do the global spray and put the same thing everywhere.

The great majority of people on PP will be scanning all forums to see if there are any new posts.

On the subject of your question "Please do anybody know what a March Char is?".

The March Chart is also reffered to as a ’Time Chainage Diagram’

TILOS, is a software package that will do what you require, I have also seen the new beta version of Deltek Open Plan, where in they have a built in Time Chainage function.

My construction planner at this time builds all of his in excel.

So there you go.


P.S. Please remember - 1 question - 1 post. We’ll get to it.