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Cn any one please guide me in UK

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Nadeem Akram
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I ma working in UK as Senior Engineer as Site Based building project in top ten UK Building Company . I want to start my career as P3 PRIMAVERA PLANNER .
I have done 30 day primavera course and i can run software P3 PRIMAVERA and Suretrack .
Can any one please guide me how i can get useful training and how i can get my career path please.

Can any one please guide me on my contact 0788 684 0726 or e mail please

I am sure any Senior Planner can guide me in uk .
Nadeem Akram
London UK


Alex Wong
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Practical experience is key to become a good planner, what you need to do is find a junior planner role to start with your training, you may earn a bit less than what you are currently earn but if your can spend time on the planning professional, it will eventually pays off.

Good Luck

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What i understand from your mail that you have site experience and relivent training for the software.

Now what you require is continious practice. Belive me no bady can be perfect in this software, only we have to simply play with dummy project with the software and come out with the queries.

The next thing what you have to focus is how to put your construction logic in schedule and come out with problems and dicussed the same.

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