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Looking for your next career move

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Jon Penney
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To all Planners!!

What I’m wondering is, what makes a job vacancy an interesting one? Is it the project that youll be planning for? Or is it where youll be in 12-18 months time?


Stuart Ness
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One of the more interesting jobs that I saw advertised a few years ago, was to work on a Whisky Distillery project....just outside Bankok! ;-)

Now I work for the best boss in the world...myself!

Dayanidhi Dhandapany
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Dear Dan

Your Question:
What I’m wondering is, what makes a job vacancy an interesting one? Is it the project that youll be planning for? Or is it where youll be in 12-18 months time?

My Answer:
The job vacancy should be an interesting one to me if the project is challenging in nature, reputed company, competitive salary, reasonable working hours, family status etc.,


Darrell ODea
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Did you find me that job I was looking for?

Suppose you didn’t,

My expectations after all were quite "high",
Atmosphere didnt matter, it didnt apply,
For building regulations, one wouldn’t try,
Fire certification one could swing by.

You never replied to my specific requests,
but given my application, am sure you know best,
Was it something I said, gave you case to erase,
My sincere application, to go working in space.

Paul Harris
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Dan The important things to me are: 1. Motivators a. Location, near home is good b. Rate and hours c. Interesting assignment 2. Demotivators a. Company, some are not worth working for c. Nominated software package Regards Paul E Harris
Zq qz
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family status
challenging job
Forum Guest
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I know from past experience that one of the things I do look for is who are the company that is advertising.
Im sure we all have a preffered list and shall we say one we wouldnt touch with a barge pole, no matter how appealing the "position" is
Clive Holloway
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Location - Barbados would be nice
Interesting and challenging project
Long term work
Married status