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Jr. Planner Looking for Advice

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Ken Barrett
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Hello all,

I’ve been recently hired as a Jr Planner (zero prior experience with a degree in Mech Eng) at a construction company that strickty deals with the petrochemical (refineries) industry. The I was under the tutalage of a senior planner but he is no longer with the company. Thus, it just leaves me with no real planner to teach me. Is there anything that you would recommend I can do to enhance my knowlege in this field, ie books, training seminars or anything. I have taken courses in P5 and use the softwear everyday. That is the easy part... as far as the figureing out the actual way to plan things I am clueless... any help is much appriciated!


Shahzad Munawar
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Good and practical suggestion- appreciated
Erickson Tria
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I would be willing to provide you assistance in whatever capacity i could.
I have a vast experience in manufacturing, erection/installation of refineries and power plants.
Kindly send me private message if your interested.

Chris Oggham
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Hi Ken,

Oliver has given you some good advice, the only other thing that I would suggest is that you talk to people. You’ve said yourself that your knowledge base is minimal, so talk to the people who know more than you do, site managers, project managers, pipefitters, labourers, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve found that if you ask questions openly and honestly people will answer in the same way and you will get the information you need. As you know there is a great deal of information available on the web and, if you can’t find the answer elsewhere, someone in Planning Planet will know.

Good Luck

Chris Oggham
Oliver Melling
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Planning is part of the wider field of project management. I recommend that you get a copy of ’A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge’ (PMI or APM)

It will help you with all terminology and explain the simple aspects of PM and planning.

If your company reports using Earned Value Analysis (which I imagine they do due to using P3e) I would look it up on the internet and in the PMI Body of Knowledge.