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how do you turn the P6 "enter bell" off? that noise that occurs everytime you type anything..

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John Reeves
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how do you turn the P6 "enter bell" off? that noise that occurs everytime you type anything..(I normally just turn my system volume off but sometimes I have to listen to something as well working...) - this might be the most important question ever posted.


Rafael Davila
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That every time you hit the enter key if using P6 there is an annoying bell noise is hard to believe!
I do not even know how to make it happen if using Excel, Word, Power Point, Spider Project, AutoCad nor any software I use. If everything fails consider switching software, not all software is so annoying.

Good Luck

Rodel Marasigan
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It's not P6. It's application sound. If you wanted to turn off the application annoying sound:

1 click Start (Window Logo)
2 select Settings then click System
3 on the left side of the screen click Sound
4 scroll down until you see Advance sound options
5 click App volume and device preferences
6 under the App System Sound you can either slide the volume to 0 or click the speaker icon to have it mute

Try to do something in P6 if the annoying sound still exist. If not you can close the settings window. You can play music and you can still hear the music play. Sometime if you play some sound it automatically remove the system mute but you can always put it in the app system mute and still hear other sounds but not the app annoying sound.