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Event Code: CNFFZ\-0464-A (Could not find \bin\java.exe)

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Jordan Benjamin-S...
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I have currently been trying to import Microsoft Project XML Programmes into Primavera P6 Professional R16.2. Every Time i attempt to this, i get a EInOutError with the event code CNFF\-0464-A and the description 'Could not find file\bin\java.exe

Would anyone be able to assist with this and help me be able to import XML files to P6.

Any Help Would Be Much Appreciated,




David Kelly
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Importing MSP files is at the 'flakey' edge pf P6 capabilities. Sounds like you have a classic 'JAVA_HOME' issue, but the XML file may never import anyway, becuase half the time they don't.

Perhaps two stages:

If you email me the XML file, I can try and convert it, this will take me 10 minutes max, as I may have to open it in MSP to 'fix' it.

If it does convert, then it is worth the aggrevation of sorting your java issue.