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DD+1m = ?

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Rodney Jones
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Hi All,


How do I prove, or find out, what date is actually reported in the formula DD+1m?


Lets say my Data Date is 25th November 2021 00:00 will DD+1m return 25th December 2021 00:00 or will it count how many days in the month of November or December and return 30 days or 31 days later???






Zoltan Palffy
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to prove it



Start equals DD+1m

and then review your results 

Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hi Rod,

if you want to use this formula in a lag between two activities, make sure to check the scheduling options: by default, the lag will use the predecessor's calendar, and yoy can choose the successor's, the default calendar or a 24h/d calendar


Rodel Marasigan
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Depends on where are you using the formula. If using in Filter it calculates using the default calendar working days. If using on the report Page set-up option then it use the calendar days.

David Kelly
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Easy to check it out. Run a global change and set a UDF to your formula!