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Stand alone cost tools - looking for suggestions

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John Reeves
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Always been in scheduling.  Been in and out of cost, getting back into cost.  There have got to be better tools out there than just excel - what are better ones for cost?  For example, I don't want a "whole" system like procore because already using some tools like E-Builder which is ok for workflow but I am thinking I can find something more evolved on cost.  For example, I like the long history of Deltek Cobra with P6 but I don't need Earned Value, not required.  I have been on EV projects, but most projects use negotiated SOV schedule of values - informed by the schedule but not rulled by it.  Any, open to suggestoins, what is good?  As to the question of what is input, ie Oracle or something - that would be "various".



cost and schedule are closely integrated.

Changing schedule we change project budget, financial constraints impact project schedule.

We manage both using the same tool. Why do you need something external to your scheduling software?

What exactly is not supported by your scheduling tool?