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XER Viewers and Schedule Updates

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Shane Mitchell-Ba...
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Hi Folks,

Has anyone made use of XER viewers to provide the broader project team with more access to schedule details than would be generally practical with, for example, a PDF copy? These details may relate to a variety of dependencies, calendars, resources, cost, sequence, etc. and allow the user to interact or provide progress with the data in a controlled environment.

A quick search on the forum highlighted some reviews of Schedule Reader and similar options from 2017 and I am curious if others have had more recent experience. The visualiser tool which ships with P6 offers at least a partial solution but on the down side it seems an expensive option in comparison to cloud based viewer.

The intended audience are not familiar with Primavera and are not expected to become schedulers and planners to collaborate on the project. Simple to use, simple to understand, and practical is key to success.





Zoltan Palffy
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xertransfer is also another good option

Sterling Gallagher
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Hi Shane

If they have access to Microsoft Project you can use XerTransfer to import the xer file into MSP.  You will be pretty much able to see and interogate all of the data they want then.


Its not a viewer persae but it is another option.

Joel Roberts
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Do try out the ScheduleReader xer viewer.

You can get a free trial of the website and get in touch with the team for any form of assistance.

Zoltan Palffy
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xer viewer is a good tool for that