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Different Durations of WBS and the Project

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boran ucar
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Hi. How can a duration of a WBS can be 50 days however upper level WBS and the project lasts 36 days at the same time?


Rafael Davila
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I would call it WEIRD math to define duration using dates at one WBS level and sum of values within another WBS level.

  • What is the logic of this?
  • Why not inverting the calculation rules?
  • When you can have multiple calendars and the software calculations are in hours rolling-up days can yield wrong values.
  • Because the calculations for days are based on averages calculation of duration in days can be misleading. Although never as good as showing durations in hours if you have the urge to show days better show remaining workdays considering every workday duration in hours can be different.
  • Duration-Days-vs-Workdays  a single activity with a calendar where different days have different work hours.
  • Work-Days-Shifts  as you add resource calendars duration in days can get very weird, even if for a single activity.
  • Adding more activities as well as WBS phases makes it worse at the WBS levels.
  • For simple calendars and resource loading it make sense to use days as an option to enter activity duration.
Zoltan Palffy
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At the Construction WBS the 36 days are working days from 12/31/2019 to 2/18/2020

At the Structural WBS the 50 days are the total of all of the workings days under that wbs


its straight math 


Sterling Gallagher
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Santosh is spot on with his comment.  If you change your user preference settings to hours they should match.

Rafael Davila
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What happens if you show all durations in hours?

Santosh Bhat
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It has to do with calendars. Where activities within a WBS group contain a mixture of calendars, the Proejct Default Calendar is used to calculate duration at the WBS Group level.

If you display your calendar column you'll see why.