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P6 - resource is not showing activities that are completed

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Mike planner
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Hello All, 


I suspect the resource is not showing on the activities that are completed because it is a bit light after the progress line. 

Please see image below. 

The design activities are blue resources but i cannot see anything blue on the histograme blow after that progress / data date line. 

I am suspecting the setting does not show the resources for activities that are completed but then, i can see slightly red for the construction activities which are in Red. 

I am a bit confused. 


Thank you for much for your help.


Kind regards

Mike Planner 


Zoltan Palffy
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go to view resource usage profile and make sure that on the dat tab that you have the actua box checked. 

David Kelly
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The P6 stacked histogram shows "At Completion" hours/costs - so stage 1 of your investigation is to show that value besiide the "Budgeted" numbers you have highlighted.......

Yes, "At Completion" is a bit bonkers....