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Resource Assignment on Activity Completed or in Progress

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Mike planner
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I am applying resources to the activities in progress or completed but the actual is not showing on the activities that have been completed or in progress


Screen 1 - This is before the resource is applied 



Screen 2 - After i applied resource to the activity with original duration 15d, the budgeted labour unit shows 15, remaining labour unit shows 4 which are correct but the Actual labour unit is not showing anything. The actual suppose to show 11 




Zoltan Palffy
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Go to Projects make sure you project is open click on  the Calculations tab on the right under Resource Assignments 

make aure that When updating Actual Units or Costs that 

Subtract Actual from At Completion is checked and that 

Recalculate Actual Units and Costs when duration % complete changes is checked

also make sure that Link Actual and Actual This Period Units and Cost is checked.

Raymund de Laza
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I do noticed the same issue with some of my Projects. But practically, Actual Unit and Actual Cost must be recorded manually.

You can work around, export the Resource assignment to excel then the actual units equals multiplying the Budgeted Units by the Performance % of the activity. Import back the Resource assigment then you get the actual units and as well the Actual Cost.