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Primavera 18 opens last opened project upon startup!?

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John Reeves
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Primavera 18 opens last opened project upon startup!?  How do I turn this off?

I think I read that it can be turned off in user preferences but that is not correct.  With last file I imported, something went bad.  And now primavera tries to open it when starting Primavera, it tries to read this bad file, sais "bad something" and the program will not open.
If I could get into the program I could delete that project.  
Any suggestions?


Zoltan Palffy
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do not exit Primavera by clicking the red X upper rigth 

ALWASY select file close all. 

Also as Santish said you may have to close or delete that last user session.

is this p6 web ?

Santosh Bhat
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You're going to need the exact wording of the error message, perhaps take a screencapture when it appears on screen (Press ALT+prtscn to capture just the active window). Take a note of the error and search for it on

It may end up needing to delete out the last user session record to enable you to log in without a project open.