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Lost standard column - Planned labour units

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andrew francis
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i have just joined a new company and cannot find a "planned labour units" column.

I think someone has re named it - 

I have been given admin rights ( worrying i know) but cannot find where the i will find the original column names are held to determine which ones have been re named.


I am sure it has been done inside the database as it is not the only one as all the UDF ones have been renamed also. when i click to look at UDFs the only names i see are the new ones - not what they were - 


any help would be grateful




Steven Auld
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I think you should be looking for the Budgeted Labor Units Column for the 'planed labour units'.

For UDF's, the columns that you are seeing is the correct column name within the database - where the issue lies is when users create their own layouts then can also rename the column to show as something else, but this is saved in the layout not against the UDF Field directly.

This does not really help when there are multiple users all using the UDF Type 'usertext01' & renaming the column within the layout, as this then has different meanings depending on the layout being used. The saved data remains the same, but the layout column description is no longer relevant to the saved data.

User Defined Fields can be renamed in the Database (depending on user access levels), but the default columns cannot be renamed directly in the database, only in layouts.

If you know someone who can access the columns in a layout with the correct name as you expect to see it then have a look at the column list in that layout & it will show you the Original Column Name as saved in the database at the end of the column name in Selected Options (in brackets).

Hope that helps.