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User Defined Field Column Name become gibberish if not wriiten by ASCII characters

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Valerii Abrosimov
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Joined: 29 Jan 2019
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Hi all!

I am using Primavera P6 15.2.0 for quite a while and one specific bug is always irritates me.

When I create a User Defined Field(UDF) and name it with not by ASCII characters but some Unicode characters (Cyrillic for example) everything is normal until I reboot Primavera. After rebooting the column name of this UDF always looks as some jibberish text (see screenshot). I can manually return the old Name, but I have to do it every time I open the Primavera. It is not a big problem to me, but it is a problem for other people who are not such expirienced users as I am and who don't know English good enough to name UDF Name by English and still understand its meaning. And they also have to return the old name of the UDF every time and it takes time.




In order to return the true name of the UDF Column I have to go in "Columns" -> "Edit Column" and click "Default" button. And I have to do it everytime for each UDF column I need.




As a Software Engineer I understand that the problem lies in failing Unicode(UTF-8) - ASCII conversion when Primavera tries to save the UDF name value in the database.
And maybe it was fixed in some new versions of Primavera P6, but I can't update it right now for some reasons.

The question is: is there some solution to fix it without updating Primavera???


Sincerely yours,
Abrosimov Valerii


Valerii Abrosimov
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Joined: 29 Jan 2019
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Hi Steven!

Thanks for your reply!
I've tested what you suggested and you are right, but unfortunately it only helps a little.)

I tryed to save layout with normal text and then load it, everything works fine until I close Primavera and open again.

Then texts become jibberish again, and if I open saved layout everything starts to seem working but only until I close Primavera.

But thanks for the help anyway, you solution make work easier and I will continue testing.



Steven Auld
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Not sure if it is the case or not, however it looks like the column name has been saved in a layout when it has been renamed to that value.

You can see the default value in the Edit Column box under Default Value, the new title is the one that is showing gibberish.

If you select the column in then press the "Default" button IN THE EDIT COLUMN BOX you have shown above (not in the select column box), this should then put the column name back to the value that is shown in the brackets.

The layout will need to be saved with the default values applied.

When you are opening Primavera, it is opening this layout with the values that were set when it was last saved. Resetting the title to default then saving the layout should stop this from happening in the future.

Hope this helps,