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Lag and Original Duration

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Larry Cahn
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I need to have an excel spreadsheet that lists all activities original duraion as well as lags.

I've tried numerous was of P6 exporting to excel, filtering/formatting within P6 to copy and paste in excel, but am unable to find a way to get both the original durations and lags on one spreadsheet.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


Zoltan Palffy
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a lot depends on the version of P6 if yuo have 16.1 or above use Toms approach

Santosh's approach will work with any version of p6

Santosh Bhat
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Tom pretty much explains the two options available. To elaborate a little further on the second option to export to XLS.


Have the project in question open in P6. Select FILE>EXPORT and select the XLS option. Then in the next screen tick both the Activities and Activity Relationship options. You will then be asked to select a destination for the exported file and an export template option. Even the default export template will provide the infromation you require.


The resulting XLS export will containt the tabs that Tom refers to.

Tom Boyle
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If you have P6 release 16.1 or later, then the Detailed Predecessors and Detailed Successors fields will include the lags (and relationship types).  Just include those fields in your activities export and you're good.

If you are working from an earlier P6 release, then any export will have activities and relationships in separate tabs in Excel.  Then you will need to make some formulas (or macro) in the activities/tasks tab to look-up and concatenate all the relationships for each activity - from the other table.

Good luck, tom