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Nested Filters

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Jeff Waldrop
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I find the filters in P6 to be very difficult.  When correctly built, they are wonderful but I can't seem to find a good desciption of how to build a nested filter.... I just spent about 1/2 and got what I needed but, it is trial an error.


Is there a tuturial somewhere out there on filtering data.

I am asking to show me all work by a Contractor equal to "Triad" and that is found in either Equip Class of "Mobilization" or "Demobilization" for a project....


Jeff Waldrop
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Thanks Jerome, that worked for me....




Zoltan Palffy
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another option is to use more than ONE filter

Jerome Odeh
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This should work for you

  1. Define 2 Activity Codes: Contractor & Equipment Class
  2. Add values to these Activity Codes, e.g.
    1. Triad etc to Contractor
    2. Mobilisation etc  to Equipment Class
  3. Assign these Activity Codes values to appropriate activities in your schedule
  4. Create a new filter with following criteria
    1. (All of the following)
    2. Where Contractor equals Triad
    3. And     (Any of the following)
      1. Where Equipment equals Mobilisation
      2. OR Equipment equals Demobilisation

If you still need a blog post to explain nested filters, send me PM with details of desired filters and I'll post a detailed tutorial on my blog.




Kind regards,


Anoon Iimos
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Filtering is very easy when you got "activity codes". Make your own activity codes for whatever you want to organize and assign the corresponding codes to your activities.