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Missing activities after restoring the copied Baseline

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Abdel-rahman Kha.
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I have a very strange problem with many aspects,  I will illustrate it at the following points :


1. this problem occurs with many project not only one and at different PCs

2. When copying an Assigned baseline from inside a project from the maintain baseline window then pressing restore button,  the restored baseline is missing 95% of its activities with a corrupted WBS structure with so many empty _with no activities _WBS levels,  I can restore the original baseline with no problems after removing it from the assign window. 

3. When copying a project from the projects tab,  and selecting the baseline to be copied,  the new project has the same corrupted baseline assigned to it,  Ex: the BL start date column is missing 95% of the dates. 

4. When I creat a reflection to the same project,  the same thing happen to the assigned baseline

5.The only working way is to copy the project and the Baseline separately as two projects then assigning the baseline to the project.

I have tried to diagnosis this problem for days but find no solution,  as this problem lead to a delay as I try new scenarios very offen and i hope i can copy the projects including the assigned baseline with no workarounds,  any suggestion will be appreciated. 


Zoltan Palffy
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check your filter make sure that it says All activities