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Why Finish Date and Successor Start Date of Activities are same ???

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Muhammad Bilal
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Dear Sir,

I have 1 Issue regarding calendar. I have made 5 Days/week calendar with hours 08 to 16:00. when assigned to Activities, the Finish dates of activities and start date of its successor are same means successor is not starting in new day.... However, i made changes in scheduling option relationship lag to 24 Hours calendar as well... here is the attached picture...
Kindly help me out this situation.



Zoltan Palffy
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what is the TIME on your data date it should be 8:00 am

yalçın güner
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You should check your activity's start and finish date time. Most probably your precedessor activity's finish time is same the successor's start time like that ( Predecessor's finish 01-Nov-16 0:00:00 AM Successor's start 1-Nov-16 0:00:00 AM)


To fix this go edit menu and user preferences/date tab and check the 24 hour box then you ll see date time linked activities.