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After importing xer file, what scheduling options are inherited?

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Jacky Green
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I recently imported an xer file from a client into Primavera on my laptop (standalone v15.1 SQLite). When I imported the same xer file to another computer (using standalone v15.1 on Microsoft SQL server), the scheduling options that imported where different. Specifically, when I imported the xer file and hit F9, the 'Calendar for Scheduling Relationship Lag' was set to 'Predecessor Calendar' and the finish date of the programme was July 17, but when I imported the same xer file onto the other computer and hit F9, the 'Calendar for Scheduling Relationship Lag' was set to 'Successor Calendar' and the finish date of the programme was Dec 16. 

I thought that when you import an xer file you inherit the previous scheduling options used? I know that the default setting is 'Predecessor Calendar' but the client has clearly selected the 'Successor Calendar' option before scheduling the programme and sending to me. 

I also imported the same xer file into Acumen Fuse and it seemed to use the 'Successor Calendar' as the finish date was also Dec16.

Has this happened to anyone else before? I would expect the same scheduling settings to be picked but it seems I get 2 different results depending on which computer I import it to. Is it something to do with the version of P6 or the database type being used?



Zoltan Palffy
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everything you mentioned all involve the setting associated with the scheduling option F9 then optons. 

Your Scheduling and leveling options may be set and carried over when a project is exported to XER, but they will revert back to default options when imported back to the database when you use the Import option set to Create New, Replace Existing or Add into Existing

The scheduling options for the project are not imported these are machine specific this is why they can differ.