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Level activities with small duration (<1 hour)

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Berb Cristian
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I have this situation:

Duration activities are  1 hour in level activities to share (corect) resources



Duration activities are  30 min ; in level activities to share resources ; incorect results.


P6 dont level activities with small duration (minutes) ?



Rafael Davila
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Any software should handle resource leveling down to the minimum duration you can assign to an activity, you got to be missing something. I do not use P6 but see it can display 1/100 minutes.

Try checking Activity Duration Type.

If the above does not works then I suggest trying with the following simple schedule from scratch and see what happens. One resource A and one resource B units are available. There are no activity links, very simple. Even if one second activities it should do it.

ShortDurations photo ShortDurations_zpsrbh6isul.jpg

Good luck.

Zoltan Palffy
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check your resource calendar also 

Mahisha M. Reno
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You might want to look at the "Max unit / time" on the resource which assigned to those activities.

See if the max unit/time still allow the resource to be executed on the same hour or not..