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Resource late dates before activity late dates without negative float

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Anton Broekzitter
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Hi All,

how can I make sure, that my remaining early start and finish always match my activity early finish?

Most of the time my remaining early finish wanders off, causing the late start to come before early start in the resource assignments tab. This makes no sense when running S-curves of course.

Right now I'm using resource dependent activities using a resource curve, without levelling when scheduling, fixed duration & units and physical % complete. My resource calendar has days varying from 1 to 9 hrs, whereas the activity calendar always has 8 hours. The starting hour is always 8 a.m. and finish is 17 p.m. 99 out of the hundred activity and resource calenders have a 5 day calendar.

First I like to explain why I use it:

I want to use a resource curve since most activities start slow, then speed up and the last couple of days (percentages) run slow again. I wanted to incorporate a summerperiod (July/August) where there will be less people around (my units are manhours), but there still be worked 5 days a week. I also like to have the activities to have a duration in number of weeks (duration of 5, 10, 15 days etc.) irrespective of when I'm planning to perform that particular activity. It makes it also easier to read when every activity starts on a Monday and ends on a Friday. This way my schedule is easy to read by everyone and my manning level forecast is very close to reality.

In an other thread I saw someone mentioning, that the resource assignments are looking at the planned dates, but they don't (at least not for the planned finish), which is causing a end date for that activity on the resource. So it must be something else.

I tried to import/export through excel and all, but somehow everything jumps right back after scheduling. So the only solution I have now is to manually enter the early finish date and time in order to have the late curve run exactly like the activity early start + float. It is then correct for a week or two, but then some of the lates come before the earlies again.

So what I want, is to have the activity (early) finish to drive the early finish on the resource. Or otherwise a quick, but garanteed way to make the early finish on the resource the same as the early finish on the activity.

Any help is appreciated.