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Cost roll up for WBS user defined fields

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Abhinay Gautam
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In P6,  we have allocated budget at WBS level and created a user defined field to capture commitment cost.

But the values entered in commitment column is not rolling over to WBSs up in the hierarchy.

Anybody has come across such cases or resolution for this issues.




Ravi Katare
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1. To get roll up at WBS, ensure that UDF have number/cost as data type text will not get roll up.

2. Also, select "Show Group Total" and or "Show Grand Total"  options in Group & Sort. 

- Ravi

Enosa Iyekekpolo
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Hi Abinay,

The problem you are experiencing is characteristic of user defined fields (UDF). The new column you created is not rolling up because P6 has no inherent formular/ algorithm telling it to do so.

Non UDFs that come with P6 normally have a formular or algorithim in P6 that ensures that data in them are carried over, rolled up or summarised appropriately.