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HELP pls. Event code AVAA0-2621, can not start P6

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Romil Villanueva
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wysiwyg_imageupload::My dear collegues, again, I would like to ask again for some guidance, I was trying to make an S-Curve to show

progress while in Resource Profile set up, then suddenly my P6.8.2 crashed, and when I load it up the following

showed, from my observation, the program it self is loading, its the schedule which is not being loaded.

This was due to i tried importing direct from .xer file ( right click-open ), importing says completed, then

again during loading the schedule these 3 notices comes about. I can not load any schedule anymore

.....saddest part of it is that I am using a stand alone setup and I was not backing up my schedules for a long while.

Hope you kind sirs, masters of primavera can help me with this predicament of mine. Thanks in advance.

Advices are most welcome






Ibrahim Ghazal
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Try the following:

1. Restarting the software.

2. if the same problems happen, it may be because your installation, Re-inastall it.

3. For s curve check: the method i know is to export the data from primavera to excell and from there you can

make the S curve.