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Event Code AVAA0-3240-1 when importing MS Project XML file

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Malcolm Young
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Hello fellow Primavera gurus and users,

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this problem I've been having for quite some time now.

I have several hundred files in MS Project 2007, that I need to import into my standalone, P6 Professional v8.3 software.  So far, I've had a load of trouble doing so.

I'm aware that I can save the MS Project files as XML, and then import into P6.  I couldn't get this function to work at all, until recently.  The error was always "WBS cannot have no value".  Within MS Project, I managed to Renumber the WBS so that all tasks had a WBS value. 

This seemed to do the trick - to a certain extent.  Only some files imported.  The majority did not.

Rather than get error logs, I now get the dreaded EAccess Violation:

Event Code: AVAA0-3240-1

Description: Access violation at address 00427C47 in module 'PM.exe".  Read of address 00000000.

As we have all come to expect, there not much info that tells you what is wrong.

My MS Project schedules I have cleaned up - ie, they don't have loads of constraints, they do not have blank rows, and they don't have pred/succ on/to summary tasks. 

I've done a comparison of the MS Project files that have imported successfully, and those that haven't, and nothing stands out as being the cause.

Any ideas??