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Galing Galing
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Dear Fellow Engineers,

I have a BSME degree with 10+years Schedule/Cost Engineer experience ie. construction, power plants, nuclear, etc.
But that was in the 1980’s. Since then I went to my own business in Sales (not related to engineering) and now retired from it. With my 3 daughters soon going to college! I need to come out of retirement. (NO MORE SALES) I Want To Be Back In "Planning and Scheduling Engineering" Career! My first thought is to get certified in Project Planning Software Programs (to catch up with current tools of the trade - technology).... IS IT TOO LATE FOR ME TO MAKE A COME BACK?

PLEASE HELP ME, with your comments, thoughts, advise, and any response to my situation.



boualem magramane
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No it’s NO TOO LATE. If you ask me why and how? I’ll tell you that you are not thinking to be back to work because you are bored and you wanna some entertainment BUT the reason is indeed valid. YOU NEED MONEY and with it the desire to be what you are in reality AN ENGINEER.
Dear friend, you have all the reasons to SUCCEED. GO AHEAD and do no have any doubt that your life will be better and you’ ll have very good feelings and by the same time you will achieve your goal by giving your dautghers the best education.

ashraf alawady
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