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Gant baseline and actual date icons for each task

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Joshua Topham
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Hi, I have a very basic project with a list of milestones, all of which had baseline dates. For some milestones the baseline wasn't hit and we have later actual dates in another column. (Where there's no slip the baseline and actual columns have the same date.) I'd really like to visualize this on the gant with a baseline icon as well as the actual one so the missed milestones were easy to see. Does anyone know if it's possible to add a second date icon to the gant view like this?


Santosh Bhat
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Where you select bars, you need to create a new one that uses the BL Project Start and BL Project Finish date fields and it will display the dates from whichever project you have assigned as the "Project Baseline" in the Assign Baselines option.

Rodel Marasigan
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Just create another milestone on Bar Style format using Actual Start and Actual Finish.