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schedule tasks by date and time

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mike soha
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i’m new to project; just a couple days into it actually - what i’m trying to do is schedule a reoccuring task specific to date and time. by date is easy enough, but i want it to start at 9:30 am and end at 10:00 am.

i also notice that task itself will show the duration in outline level 1 as 8hrs long when the duration in outline level 2 shows the duration as .5hrs; why is it doing this?

thanks for any thoughts/relies


L.E.N. Lewis
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To schedule a recurring task to a specific time:

1. Tools | Options | View-tab and set "Date Format" to an item that shows the time.

2. Insert | Recurring task... enter the task name; set the duration to 0.5h; use the calendar to select the date for the first occurrance; overtype the default start time with your 9:30AM start time; click OK.

As for your duration issue, the duration of a sub-task is the duration for the task; the duration of a summary task is the elapsed duration from the start of the earliest sub-task to the finish of the last sub-task.