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MSP 13 - Lost / Can't view "Overallocated Resources" graphic

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keith harris
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Hi my first post and a cry for help please, I have been working on a couple of Petro-Chem plant shutdown plans for around 4 months, and have found the graphic for Overallocated Resources to be very helpfull when balancing out daily manhours for limited resources. But after a weekend off, simply cannot see any of that page where it should be?

I have tried clicking around to catch the filters which are hidden, in case it's been minimised to death by accident.

The second Plan, which is not so time critical still has this view available as usual

I am certain it's operator error, my fault, but could do with some help as my manager has come to like the visual hard copy reports and I cannot produce at present.

I need some kind of "reset reports to factory settings" maybe?

Any ideas and help gratefully accepted

Cheers Keith


Alexandre Faulx-B...
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Hi Keith,

you will find Overallocated Resources in Report, Resources

should you have deleted this item by mistake, go to File, Organizer, Reports; select the report in the left hand column and copy it in you project file