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14.8 weeks - i want it to say 15 weeks

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Emma Trescott
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Hello :-)


How do i get the duration to show just whole numbers e.g. 15w not 14.8w

The project is Mon to Fri 9-5pm.

I need to show the completion date as a friday not a sunday but still have the week as a whole number.

I have Sat & Sun as none working days in the project calendar.

Some tasks it works and some it doesn't and i can't undersatand why.

Please help :-)




Rafael Davila
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I do not have MSP but used it before.  Similar to other software I expect task hours/day be a function of the task calendar instead of the main calendar,  this relationship can be further complicated with calendar exceptions, not sure if this is captured in the proposed formula.  As I do not have MSP this you have to figure it out yourself. 

To make changes to the calendar "Week starts on:" see (click) the following link.


Hope this can give you a clue.

Tom Boyle
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Hi Emma,

Please revise the question and try to be clear.  You've implied about 3 or 4 competing issues here.