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I'm trying to create a view where the final milestone of a summary reflects the Summary % complete

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Stuart Mitchell
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Anyone know of a formula where I can pick this up and put it in a custom field?


miles goodchild
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Have you looked at Copy / Paste Link?   One way you could do this is to :

1) Copy the % complete of the summary line you want to track

2) set up a new task which has 0d (i.e. is a mileston)

3) Edit / paste special / paste link into a custome field for that field

This will throw a warning when you open the project that it contains links - always agree to this

I would note that a milestone should always have a binary nature; it should be 0 or 100% complete; the practice of saying that a milestone is 50% complete is to misunderstand the purpose of a milestone but if you're being pushed into a corner and can't educate someone the above will work .



Philip Day
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Are you tying to create a milestone with a % completion which is the same as it's summary task, or are you trying to create / otherwise manipulate a milestone based on different % completion values from the summary task?



Tom Boyle
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Hi Stuart,

Please completely re-phrase your question.  Your topic heading and your remarks seem to be heading in two opposite directions, so it's impossible to see what you are doing or what you want to do.