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How to draw Chart

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Jagjit Singh
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  I am new to this . Time period is to be created like this . MOnth should be displayed as 30 days

                                    30       60      90       120       150      180      210      240     270       300

or it can be 20th May To 20-June & then next 30 days & so on.

1. 23May-30Jun 7 Days

2. 30May-14Jun 15 days

How it can be drawn . Is it possible




Tom Boyle
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I'm afraid Microsoft Project can't give you what you want.  You can get close using a two-tiered timescale with Month on the middle tier and numbered Days (of the month) on the bottom tier, but

  1. The ~20-day offset from real dates isn't going to happen easily.  Every single point on the timeline has a direct correspondence to a unique date/time value according to one of the three Calendar Types that you may select (Gregorian is default); all bars are plotted against these values.
  2. The number of days in each month won't be 30; they will vary according to the Gregorian (or Hijiri, or Thai Buddhist) calendar that you apply.

I've encountered "timescales" similar to your description in some spreadsheets prepared by others for data entry and display.  You may have to go there (i.e. Excel).

Good luck, tom