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Auto assigment of resources

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Ramil Ganiyev
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Dear All,


I would like to kindly ask you to help me on below question


On Grant Chart I made up column where I have formula. According to this formula the column shows me how many person I need to complete the task till Deadline.

Is there any possibility to set up RULE, Function and etc. where MS Project will take numbers from this column (let's say Number10) and add resources to this task?


Thanks a lot in advance





Tom Boyle
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Hi Ramil,

You could try some simple vba approach as Larry advised over on MPUG.  Alternately, you could try an approach involving uploading resource assignments from an Excel File.

I wouldn't be overly optimistic with either approach, as MSP seems to be designed from the ground up for manual entry of resource assignments using specific dialogs, with each dialog involving some background processes to interpret and condition your entries. You may need to adjust your automated entries/processes to match what MSP expects to see.