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Create SubTask and show version and change log

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Andrea Cruz
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I would like to create subtask and for each subtask I want to show the version and the features and bugs.

Task SoftwareName_X
v.1.0 v. 1.2 v.1.3 v.1.4
---- --- - --- -----

(each (---) is the bar shape where bar shape is in the same line and bar text above bar shape )

Task SoftwareName _Y
v.5.0 v. 5.2 v.5.3 v.5.4
---- -- --- -----

And for each task one information about the version like features and bugs.

Someone knows if it is possible?

Thanks in advance,
Andrea Cruz.
PS: Sorry about my English. I am brazilian.


Bryan Eaton
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If SoftwareName_X is what you want per the picture below, then you have to use the "Bar Rollup" feature that MS Project kindly provides you.

It will apply the formatting to the whole of your schedule, so make sure you are structured appropriatly first. Once you have applied the format, you can change it a bit by selecting Format, Bar Styles and scroll down to *Rolled Up Task.

Shows Rolled Up Tasks with Text

I would agree with Trevor that as MS Project makes it very hard to achieve this, and you have very little control over the outcome, it is not motivating to try.

There is a software package called Milestones (at which does give you a lot of control over the output... and you can open straight from Project and it adds cost and effort, so maybe it is not worth pursuing.

Whether it is necessary or not is up to you...

Good luck.
Andrea Cruz
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Thank you for your replay.

I don’t know if I understand or if I don’t was clear.

I have 3 questions:

1. I would like to create subtasks in the same line instead create in diferents lines.
2. And exactly above each subtask put the textbar
3. And when I choose each subtask in the same line for each subtask show me notes

It’s possible?

version 1.0 version 2.0 version 3.0

where task1, task2, task3 are shapebar and version 1.0, 2.0 are the textbar for the each task exactly and task is the software name.

When I put the textbar above task the texbar show me

Thanks in advance,

Trevor Rabey
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Possible? Yes.
Necessary? Not really.
A waste of time? Maybe, but it’s your time.

To get the tasks to roll up to the Summary line, double-click the task to get to Task Information, then the General tab and check the box for Roll up to Summary.
Check the corresponding setting in the Summary.
To get the text above, probably use a Text field and Format Bar.